What’s Up, Doc?

What’s Up, Doc? Zara has been home to two of my best finds this year. In the sale no less. I AM IN LOVE. With the Looney Tunes Jacket I defiantly think that this embodies 90’s charm: the denim, oversized-ness and graphic patches. Although I was only part of this era for a short time […]

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PJ Goals!

I am the girl that lives in her jammies. And although I live my life in black, my pajama draws would say otherwise. It is an amazing mismatch of disney, pink powered, fuzzy goodness. And since so many people seem to have their wishlists made up of make-up or shoes; I’ll be sharing my wishlists […]

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Christmas in London. #Magical

London Baby! This year was my first Christmas living in London. It was also my first-time visiting Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. It was my first of many. Jampacked full of rides and for me that was the best part, being a slight thrill seeker. There are all types of rides on offer from the slow […]

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