Christmas in London. #Magical

London Baby!
This year was my first Christmas living in London.

It was also my first-time visiting Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. It was my first of many. Jampacked full of rides and for me that was the best part, being a slight thrill seeker. There are all types of rides on offer from the slow and gentle for the toddlers to the most exciting rollercoasters for the big kids (ME) What caught my eye was The Munich Looping, the world’s largest transportable roller coaster, hasn’t been to the UK before but it was one of the best roller-coasters I’d ever been on. It has five brightly-coloured loops and plenty of squeals from the disorientated thrill-seekers.

Ice Skating is always a popular Christmas right of passage and something that is fun in the daytime and evening. Although if you have zero co-ordination like me and struggle to walk without tripping then its not really the best event for us to take part in, sadly.

Overall I am definitely coming back for 2017 hopefully we will see some snow too. It was a magical experience embodying the spirit of Christmas perfectly, with the amount there I don’t think the Grinch would have time to steal.

If like me Christmas lights bring light to your life the best places to visit. Number 1 on the list has got to be of course, as touristy as may be, Oxford Street. Nothing better than Christmas shopping with a side of even more festivities. And if your just visiting be sure to snap your own Christmassy shot for Instagram you will for certain be able to embody London at its finest with- London shopping, lights, as well as iconic red buses, phone boxes and black taxis.

Another great spot for sure is Covent Gardens. What I do each year is grab a seat at Shake Shack (Sooo good) listen to the classical music someone will for sure be playing or singing. And look up at the glass ceiling to see what Christmas decorations and lights they have on store this year.

So if you want to let out your inner photographer (like me) or just want to sit and take everything in with a hot chocolate (which also sounds good to me) then these are the places to do so.

I definitely cannot wait for Christmas in London next year and will hopefully find even more greats spots.


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