PJ Goals!

I am the girl that lives in her jammies. And although I live my life in black, my pajama draws would say otherwise. It is an amazing mismatch of disney, pink powered, fuzzy goodness.

And since so many people seem to have their wishlists made up of make-up or shoes; I’ll be sharing my wishlists for what I really truly love – PJS! Hell I’m wearing PJs writing this.

My top place to go for pajamas would have to be Topshop. Topshop incorporates just the right amount of whimsically funness and comfort, the perfect combination. And now, without further ado, I welcome my top picks:

My absolute favourite being the cloud robe, and I’ve felt it, the name is definitely fitting. I had to throw some Christmas jammies in there, and what is more Christmas-sy then the Grinch.

Something I would definatly recommend to you, although it may sound strange. When I lived in London I found some of my favourite pajama buys from… m&m’s world! Of all places. But they are my favourite PJs to wear, even if the do influence my food cravings.

Lastly on this post I want to give props to my wonderful slipper collection featuring sharks, mice, the Grinch who stole Christmas and giant fluffy claws that remind me of my beautiful cat Sooty.

If you don’t take my word for it (PJS are life) take theirs



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